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I was completely incapable of talking to women and creating a sexual vibe that made them want to sleep with me.

If You Don't Want To Be Good With Women Then All You Gotta Do Is Follow The Advice Of Your Mom Like I Did I think part of the reason I sucked with women was because my father never taught me anything about them.

I recently picked up Bang again to see if there was anything I could still learn from it, and there was…plenty.

Like I stated earlier Bang was one of the first pickup books I read and introduction to the whole manosphere/red pill side of the internet.

Even though my mom tells me how much of a player he was in college, he never passed that crucial knowledge on to me when I desperately needed it in school.

My mom filled the void by hammering into my head that the key to success with women was to buy gifts and always be a gentleman.

Roosh writes in trademark style, with dry, deadpan humor.Each step consists of several chapters that break down each step even further. The book seems to be heavily focused on a concept that’s introduced in the introduction section of the book. You’re a high-quality guy, and she’s a high-quality women.With this concept, both sexes mutually benefit, and there’s no trickery or “game” needed.Seeing as I recommend The Mating Grounds, I decided it was only fitting to buy the book “Mate” and see what it was all about.Mate was released on September 15th of this year, and is co-authored by Tucker Max and Dr. The book covers a wide array of topics, such as mindset, physical fitness/attractiveness, effectively displaying your attractive traits, choosing the right mating market, and putting a plan together to help you achieve your goals.

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