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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE WOMEN DATING OVER 40 LOOKING FOR VALENTINE’S SWEETIE MAY NEED AN ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT New book helps midlife daters embrace the adventure of dating Many midlife singles put “find a sweetheart” on their list of New Year’s resolutions. Midlife singles may have kids wanting attention, parents needing care, a demanding job, keeping/getting fit – they have a full plate and it may be hard to squeeze in time to find a main squeeze.Goal-driven and success-focused in their jobs, they expected they’d have accomplished this in time to celebrate Valentine’s with their new love. And even putting a toe in the dating pool takes some courage and concentration.It involves a guy friend of mine who went out with a woman he met on a dating site.He described the woman as really, really cute and nice and said they hit it off and went out a few times.Call me shallow, but the use of an old picture versus the real person who showed up for our coffee date never resulted in a second date, because it indicated basic dishonesty, making me wonder what else they were fudging about.

New clothes and a great smile will be the best investments you will ever make when it comes to dating.Last week, she and I got invited to go on our friend’s boat. ” and I say, “a bikini, jean shorts and a tank top, but I probably won’t take off the jean shorts.” She then goes into this whole rant about how she doesn’t want to wear a bathing suit, blah blah blah, she feels old and doesn’t like her body.Now, if you saw this woman, you would not believe she was talking like she was. My friend is so beautiful (which is why she needs a kick in the ass.) And, sadly, she is not alone.The Dating Goddess® says, “When you grasp what’s going on in his head it’s much easier to embrace him.Men are wondrous creatures, so we need to understand them better and love them for who they are.” She continues, “It’s easy to think that all men are like your ex- or late husband(s).

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